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Make Money from Home based jobs for College Students (2017)

These Make Money from Home Based Jobs(2017) are really cool and amazing way to start earning quick money for college or school students and even for moms and other peoples. Students can always choose to do things whenever or wherever they want without getting worried about anything, this is a real advantage. To start making money from home jobs without investment may sound a herculean task but there are some home based jobs that college or high school students can use to make quick money.

Well if you’re asking yourself, hey what are the options and how can I make money by just sitting in my drawing room. Don’t go overboard, I will explain how it’s done and how you can easily earn some extra money online fast by using some great money making ideas.

Here are Home Based Jobs to make money

# Paid Surveys

One of the top ways for students to Make Money from Home based jobs is filling online paid surveys. Paid surveys are like messengers for college and school students because they are really helpful in creating some pocket-money. All you just need is a laptop or personal computer and an internet connection which all of the students mostly have with them. There are a lot of paid survey sites over the internet which you can use to make quick and easy money. But the amount paid isn’t that a huge amount and more than anything else you always have to put your feet on the ground with some patience.

Make Money from Home based jobs for College Students

Websites that you can use to Make Money from Home based jobs as a College Student (2017):

Global Test-Market

It’s a wonderful option college students can use in order to Make Money from Home. This is a global company which conducts various studies, research and other focus group studies on college students or teens, women and also older citizens. One of the best-recommended websites which provide high paying surveys and quick redeeming option through PayPal and online shopping vouchers from big brands. The surveys are of high quality with the majority of surveys conducted on the internet, automobile, online shopping, brand products and other studies. These surveys can get you 40-200 market points which you can accumulate to redeem for a minimum 10$ cash reward. When you redeem your points, you will get your cash within seven working days of sending redemption request through PayPal.

Go to this site

Opinion World

This is the most freaking and best website that college students can use to Make Money from Home. Nowadays, students are fond of shopping on eCommerce websites like amazon, Flipkart, shopperStop and other. You can use this website to get shopping vouchers for easy and convenient shopping. It’s completely reliable with its helpful and super fast technical support.

So college students want to Make Money from Home?

Simply sign up with this website by filling your necessary information just like on a social media website. Remember to fill your profile information in such a way that the system will provide you more and more surveys. Start earning money from home by completing simple surveys. The survey reward ranges from 20 to 200 points. When you complete 500 points you can redeem them for shopping voucher of your own choice on web shop on your dashboard menu. Yea, it’s completely awesome for college students and will for high school students too.

Here you can have a look at earnings which is earned by working at home.

Rewards for Online Jobs
Earning from Opinion Panel

Go to this site

Spider Metrix

What do you visualize when you hear the name spider Metrix? Is it spider man. But it’s not spiderman. This website has panel members which they call them spiders. Well, as a college student this website can really boost your earning.
It’s completely free to join just fill in your personal information and start answering quickies and surveys. If you are looking for some good Make Money from the Home option, this website is the best for college students. There are not frequent surveys on this site as compare to other paid survey websites. You can answer quickies that will give you 1 point each and survey that range from 15-25 points. To get rewarded you have to accumulate minimum 300 points which are equal to $50. Also, you can redeem your money through Paypal, participate in an auction and also can donate to charity.

Go to this site

IPanel Online

IPanel Online is among the sites that offer college students a chance to Make Money from Home with paid survey that will give you real cash. It’s a highly rated site with high survey frequency. You will receive 50 points instantly when you sign up for the website and also 1 point for daily login and 1 point daily for posting your opinions on the community page. Customer support isn’t that good but still, you can make decent money working from home or college from this website. You can redeem your points for cash into your PayPal account when you collect 1000 points.

How Much I had earned from this Make Money from the Home based job? Look at this

Make Money from Home based jobs for College Students

1 point = 1 Rs. Cool right

How much college students can earn well depends on you. If you work smartly you can earn money up to Rs 1000 or 15 $ in 2 months.

Go to this site

Xcel-Online Survey

internet based surveys that pays cash


Open worldwide to all people of different age groups.


  • Completely free to sign up and use.
  • High quality and frequent paid internet surveys.
  • Minimum redemption at just Rs 100.
  • Easily redeem accumulated points for gifts vouchers from different brands like Shoppers Stop, LifeStyle, Bookmyshow, Sodexo and Freecharge.
  • Quick resolution of your queries and complaints with helpful support.

internet surveys benefits
Easily Redeem Your Rewards !!


  • Highly dynamic internet paid surveys that expire quickly if you don’t respond to them, they mainly have points that range from 35 – 41.
  • Quick online paid surveys are of point 1 takes more time with annoying adverts if you don’t have an AD blocker on.
  • There was a time payment were made but from few months payments are not processed. Also, there is not any communication on the issue with payment by the company.

My review:

This is a good internet paid surveys sites that used to pay 1.5 $ or Rs 100 every day. You can redeem your reward for shopping gift voucher of your own choice but late payments will definitely be annoying. So my opinion is to never join this website.

Go to this Site

Telly Pulse

It’s a very renowned company. Telly Pulse (Name Changed now from Star Panel) conducts the survey for use in several sectors or mainly of its clients. It’s a free to join Make Money from the Home option with as many as 6 surveys a month. It will be really helpful to make money for college students by offering them rewards as bookmyshow and Flipkart vouchers. The website is easy to use and you will get survey invitation directly into your mail inbox. So, make sure to answer the survey on time as there are a limited amount of participants required based on the survey data requirement.

Go to this site

Here is the complete list of paid survey sites for 2017.

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8 thoughts on “Make Money from Home based jobs for College Students (2017)”

  1. Has any one successfully tried the online job data entry,if yes then are they getting regular pay in time to time.if yes then please you good people write in this blog so as to others can try this and get safe from fraud sites.


    1. Hi Aarzoo, I understand what are you trying to say by “getting safe from fraud sites”. All the websites mentioned here are completely genuine and will pay you timely when you complete their minimum paying requirements.


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