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6 Ways to Earn Money Online for Free | No Investment

Earn Money Online for free you can use simple and legit ways because they are as simple as writing a text message. Earn Money Online for free without any investment by work from home jobs without any investment or paying a registration fee. Everyone wants to earn money online for free in a quick period of time and be successful to go to the top of the ladder but the thing that distinguishes us from being the best is the absence of dedication, passion, and focus.

At this point, you may be asking? So how to Earn Money Online for Free! Well, that’s pretty simple stop being traditional and think out of box ideas.

The Internet itself is a market which is worth thousands of billions. Yes, we are not special as facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg but we are special with our own unique capabilities. And if we can come up with innovative ideas like him earning money online for free will be far easier than it really is.

If you are really focused and passionate to Earn Money Online for free. These work from home Jobs will surely keep you ahead in your quest for free money. With flexible timings which you can manage by yourself, this money making ideas will be the ideal fit for you. These work from home jobs are a simple money making ideas which you can accomplish sitting on your couch at home.

Here are 6 ways to Earn Money Online for Free

#1. Online Paid Surveys

One of my personal favorite it’s the most simple, easy and best way to earn money online for free. It doesn’t require any special skills or creativity to earn money online for free. The money that you can earn from here will not be a big amount but will give you money for a work from home job. Just Sign up, fill your Profile and you are ready to Earn Money Online for free. There are thousands of companies that pays money for free for sharing thoughts, views, and feedback for their products or services which they can use to improve products and user experience.

You can search for these companies on the internet or you can read my full article on Online Surveys here.

#2. Online Auction

Some of the least known thing which can be used to earn money online for free by selling unique, rare and antique items by working at home. Things you can choose are coins, notes, instruments, comic books and also autographs which are the most popular among antique collectors. Start collecting some of these things by joining groups, visiting and contacting peoples who have old and rare things. When you get some valuable items, you can look for offline and online auctions to sell those items which can earn you huge profits. Also, if you have least valuable items wait for the right time to sell them. This method may require some guidance and research to buy and sell a different kind of items. You can sell them on trusted auction sites like eBay, Olx and also quickr.

#3. YouTube Videos

Do you love capturing funny moments and like sharing them online with your friends. Then this method is just for you to earn money online for free. You can easily earn money for free by working at home with your popular YouTube videos. Even if you have no professional photography experience you can make money by simply monetizing your existing YouTube videos. Simply sign up for Google AdSense program and you’re done.

#4. Set Up your Online Store

Setting up store is an excellent way to Earn Money Online. Although starting a physical store requires huge investment and time but setting up an online store is quite easy and can make you thousand and millions. If you have a product or service that you can sell to customers than you might think of converting online users to your potential customers. To Earn Money Online simply buy a custom domain from GoDaddy or any other domain registration service provider. Hire a professional web designer or you can opt for WordPress or Blogger to start your online store. Choose the membership plan as per your requirement and you are just ready to make your first income online.

#5. Sell your Skills

Every one of us has a special skill that really pays off. You might be good at doing something that worth paying money for and that can easily earn you money for free. You can utilize your skills to earn money online for free by working as a freelancer or working part time or full time at your home. You can use these websites which use secure payment options:



These are few websites where employers look for peoples who have appropriate skills to complete their task or work. These websites are completely free to join with different free to paid membership. You can simply fill your personal information to get started and can work from home, office or anywhere else to earn money online for free. There are several categories for work like if you’re good at writing or designing you probably can go for projects that are relevant to your skills. If you are a beginner and you need work start bidding with the low amount. Send a good proposal to get noticed and you may get your first project. Always look for genuine employers that have a good payment history and feedback.

#6. Sell or Donate Old Books 

Does it sound interesting? Yes, it is a cool way to work from home to Earn Money Online for free. Every one of us loves reading whether it is novel or a magazine. Once reading, it might not be of your interest but you can sell that old stuff online on sites like:


These are few websites which can Earn Money Online with little effort. Also, if you a big heart and you want to become a real superhero you can donate educational books to underprivileged and poor children.

Do you know more ways to earn money online for free? Share them with us. Follow our blog for more updates.


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